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costs for bryan stow. and i'm here at the community center where san jose is looking for a new police chief. i'm have a couple of names for you coming up. good morning. thanks for being with us. i'm marla tellez. jon kelley is off today. we begin in san francisco where the hospital that treated giants fan bryan stow for months after being beaten outside the stadium last year wants the dodgers to pay up. we have bob redell with more on this legal action. bob, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, marla. we have just heard from the city tax collector's of bureau of revenue. they are filing this legal action. they confirm the city is going to go after the los angeles
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dodgers for reimbursement in the treatment of bryan stow. the giants fan who was severely beaten outside of a dodgers game. to help pay for the four months of care it treated stow's injury. the city attorneys have asked a bankruptcy judge to add san francisco to those seeking damage from the team's insurer. this is a bankruptcy issue because the team filed chapter 11. this was a controversy. the city says this is not unusual, but standard practice to go after unpaid bills. it is taking all steps to protect the city's interests. stow and his family is suing the team frin the amount of $50 million. the amount needed for a lifetime of care. reporting live outside san
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francisco city hall, bob redell, nbc bay area news. now to the south bay. citizens will have a say on who will be the next san jose police chief. city leaders will hold a community meeting tonight to gather input from neighborhoods on what they want to see in the next chief. we have damian trujillo with the insight on who the candidates may be. damian is at the site of the community meeting. damian, good morning. you gathered a couple of names as potential candidates. >> reporter: potential is the key word, marla. the meeting gets under way at 6:30 at the community center. this is your chance to weigh in on who will replace chris moore. the big question is will the city promote from within the ranks or go outside the city limits to find the next chief? many people i spoken with say it is time the city looked elsewhere. this after the last four chiefs moved up the ladder in san jose
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and sources tell me two names keep coming up in talks about a possible replacement. one is jerry dyer. he is the chief in fresno. dyer retired last year, but city leaders in fresno convinced him to come back. then the other is rick braziel. he is set to retire at the end of december. he had to deal with laid off officers in sacramento. one man who sits on the chief's community advisory board made it clear what he wants in a chief. >> we are looking for a leader that could invest in time in san jose and invest in the community in san jose and finish what i believe chief moore had started which is the building process to bring community policing to san jose. >> reporter: tonight's meeting will be an hour and a half at the berryessa community center.
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the last meeting is at the southside community center. lots of big choices in store for the south bay. reporting live at the community center, damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. a 15-year-old boy linked to a series of crimes in the south bay is expected in court this week. police finally caught him in concord on friday after being on the run for a week. police say the teen killed a man on november 16th during a carjacking and then tried to kill a san jose police officer. they are not releasing his name because he is a minor. his alleged accomplice is 26-year-old jonathan wilbanks. he is due back in court on december 5th. east palo alto police are searching for a suspect who shot a man sitting in a car. shot spotters pinpointed the home off highway 101. the victim was shot multiple times about 8:00 last night.
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police have the not updated his condition. investigators believe one or more suspects on foot walked up to the victim and attacked him. investigators are trying to find the source of a carbon monoxide leak that sickened 11 family members in san francisco. the family called 911 at 7:00 last night after a carbon monoxide detector went off in their home on cortland avenue. the crews could not find the source of the leak in the home, but medics determined everyone, including three toddlers had high levels of carbon monoxide in their blood. fire officials say the carbon monoxide detector likely saved their lives. >> carbon monoxide detectors are very important because it's odorless and you can't smell it. you won't know it until you start getting signs like a headache or something like that. it is very important to have one in your house. >> starting last year, state law requires any home with an
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attached garage to have co detecto detectors. a deadly weekend on california roadways claimed 27 lives, including six people from the bay area. one of those deadly crashes happened saturday night on highway 50 near placerville. when a driver of a prius slammed into a minivan. three members in the prius died. a 4-year-old placerville van were killed. five others were injured in the crash. investigators are looking into the cause. >> an investigation leading into the impairment of that driver. >> the witnesses say the cause may have been a deer. they are often seen in the area and drivers are forced to swerve to avoid them. in the meantime, police are looking for someone who hit and
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killed a woman sunday night walking northbound right near oyster point boulevard. several other cars causing more injuries. the accident shutdown northbound 101 for hours. there is no car description at this time and it is not clear why the woman was walking on 101 in the first place. temperatures are dropping across the bay area today forcing thousands of homeless people to look for a place to escape the cold. tonight, they will get a bed and warm meal at three cold weather shelters opening at 6:00 tonight. 275 shelter beds will be available at the bacardo reception center in san jose and the armory in gilroy. for the first time, a portion of the beds at the reception center will be allocated for the homeless living in encampments and for veterans. the shelters will stay open through the end of march. we have the cold to deal
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with, but a lot of fog today. that has since burned off. >> most of it has. we are still socked in in parts of the bay area. let's show it to you. this is san bruno. you will notice the clouds thinning out. a beautiful blue sky awaiting you once we get through the thick low clouds. the fog should burn off. the san francisco bay still socked in with fog. this is a live look at san jose. a bit hazy here. enjoy the day. dry conditions prevail today and tomorrow and we have a lot of rain on the way. i did want to point out that maybe you are headed to the airport. we have delays out of sfo. those will likely continue for the next couple of hours. a sunny finish for everybody. a cold night ahead. temperatures dropping into the 30s. we get the patchy fog tomorrow with a bit more wind. we keep the fog from settling
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in. clouds increase tomorrow ahead of a series of storms. our storm window is opening up as the jet stream takes a significant dip. we will see storm after storm after storm pound the bay area as we head into the week. a lot of rain. you do have time to prepare today and tomorrow. dry days and get everything in from the outdoors. >> november will go out with a bang. >> it is. christina, we will check back in with you in a moment. thanks. still ahead with the deadline a month away, some lawmakers are willing to go against their own party to avoid falling off that fiscal cliff. and the giants have another reason to celebrate. we'll tell you about the record-breaking payout that was announced this morning. you may be surprised who gets the full share. it's cyber monday. we will look at the deals coming up in business news. [ female announcer ] what would you call an ordinary breakfast pastry
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protesters are back in the
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streets of cairo and now there are fears a second revolution may be looming in egypt goi following the series of decrees. the decree that gives the president immunity from the nation's courts. nbc reports from cairo. >> reporter: for a fourth straight night, protesters attacked the office of morsi's freedom party. demonstrators are angry at morsi's decision that is leaning the country to a dictatorship. >> a country of institution. not symbolize in one person. >> reporter: morsi's decree gives him more powers. morsi's decisions are beyond challenges and he also dismissed the attorney general. now the attorney general backed by the country's powerful judges, many of whom were
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appointed by hosni mubarak are fighting back. they are calling for a strike? the courtrooms. morsi and others have blamed the judiciary for blocking key reforms and annuling the party. mainly islam report. on tuesday, tens of thousands of supporters of the president are expected to hold competing rallies a few miles apart from each other. without a solution, the streets of egypt may not be calm. reporting for nbc, cairo. meanwhile, back in the states, lawmakers on capitol hill say they are working hard and fast to avoid the fiscal cliff. if a deal is not met by the end of next month, tax increases and spending cuts will kick in. we have more from washington
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with signs of a compromise. >> reporter: back from the turkey dinners, lawmakers are fresh. for months, efforts to avoid the tax increases and $100 billion in spending cuts have failed. republicans have been unwilling to raise taxes and democrats have been refusing to cut social security and medicare. now all that is changed. >> i'm willing to generate revenue. it is fair to ask my party to put revenue on the table. >> reporter: senator lindsey graham will violate a policy not to raise taxes. >> from my side of the table, bring reform. >> reporter: the promises come with contingencies. many republicans want to raise revenue by capping tax deductions or closing loopholes. democrats are still trying to keep some entitlement programs out of negotiations. >> social security set aside.
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it doesn't add to the deficit. when it comes to medicare and medicaid, protect the program. >> reporter: distance from a deal still evident although the gap between lawmakers is closing. just this morning, the white house released a new report detailing the impact of lawmakers if they don't reach a deal. that report is consumers will spend $200 billion less next year. that could affect any economic recovery. reporting in washington, danielle leigh, nbc news. it is cyber monday. we asked scott mcgrew to take a look at the deals you might find online. >> good morning. amazon has a 55" panasonic on sale. this is a favorite of mine. it is roku. i recommend it. it brings netflix and hulu to your television. there are several web sites offering a deal on fisher price
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toys. half off in certain cases. toys r us or amazon. the term cyber monday, that is old fashioned. it dates way back to the early 2000s, when the only way anyone could get online was to do so from work. so the first day back to work after black friday became the biggest shopping day online. you can buy something on your iphone while waiting for a bus. retailers love an excuse to attract shoppers. this concept stuck. then with swisher points out that people using their ipad. ipads account for 80% of all online shopping. one popular thing to buy with your ipad is more ipads. bottom line, according to the information, we're using our ipads to buy ipads. back to you. >> scott, thanks. all right. time to get a look at the full
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forecast with meteorologist christina loren. yes, the golden gate bridge is still socked in fog. >> it is, marla. we still have three-hour flight delays out of sfo. if you have a family member or you are trying to catch a flight, the good news is we should start to see the fog clearing. the winds are picking up and it helps out the situation. it sits at the coast where you have the deep pockets of fog. .25 of visibility from novado to san francisco. it is a mild out there. we're still slated to hit 64 in san francisco. 67 in livermore. 65 degrees today in santa teresa. the jet stream takes a dip the next couple of days. that brings in storm system after storm system. the first is packing a punch. it is going to come up from the south and attract sub tropical moisture. we are talking about 1 to 2
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inches of rain. we have a series of storms throughout the week. gusty winds will be a factor. we could measure up to 3 inches of rain in the north bay before all is said and done. heavy rain and wind for the morning drive on wednesday. the second storm with on and off showers for thursday into friday. the third storm is the not packing quite as much of a punch as the first two, but that swings through the second half of the weekend. count on wet conditions. time it out for you. find your city here. we stop the clock at 5:00 a.m. showers push into the north bay. a lot of rain for wednesday morning. we continue that futurecast and stop on wednesday afternoon. as we head through wednesday night, we get a break. a brief opportunity to dry out before our next storm system approaches at 7:00 a.m. on thursday. both of the storm systems packing really strong winds and our grounds are saturated from recent rains. i wouldn't be surprised to see trees going down.
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keep that in mind on wednesday. it will be dangerous between 4:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. now thursday into friday, the next system comes through. saturday into sunday, you will have opportunities to get outdoors. they will be limited and the closer we get to the systems, the easier it is for me to track them. right now, count on heavy rain on wednesday. a break on thursday. heavy rain and wind on thursday. saturday and sunday, a bit of a break. lighter showers. back to you, marla. time to get the rain gear out. new this morning, it pays to win. not only do the giants raise the world series trophy for the second time in three years, now they boast the largest playoff share in major league history. the full share turned out to be a robust $377,000 per player. that breaks the previous mark of just over $362,000 per share given out to the st. louis cardinals in 2006. the giants' share is almost
11:20 am
$60,000 per player than it was in 2010. if you are wondering, melky cabrera, who was suspended, does receive a full share. coming up at 11:00, it was an historic weekend for san jose state football as the spartans do something they have not done in more than 20 years.
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welcome back. i know we love our wine country. wine country is turning into olive country. olive season runs december through february in the region. it will kickoff later this week with a blessing of the olives in downtown sonoma.
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the harvest of california olives is expected to be two and a half times the size of last year. sonoma county has the largest olive oil producers in the state. it is important as it blends with existing food and wine tourism. this week, workers at the san jose international are getting more ammunition to deal with birds at the airport. the airport has logged 180 bird strikes since 2009. the faa cleared shotguns as part of the hazard management plan. the guns will fires to scare flocks away, but can use real bullets if necessary. currently only police and the military can fire guns at the airport. the city council will have to approve the change. san francisco and oakland airports already use guns to clear runways. when we come back, san jose state football arrives on the national radar. stay with us.
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it has not happened in more than two decades. san jose state is now nationally ranked. the bcs rankings were released yesterday. the spartans were ranked 25th in the nation. it is the first appearance on the list since it began in 1998. this is the team's first national ranking since appearing on the associated press rankings in 1990. san jose state is 10-2 after beating louisiana tech on saturday. head coach mike mcintyre explains the sudden turn around. >> it is a process. our coaching staff and administration has bought into building a program, not a team. that is what you see built. now we have 85 scholarships, it has helped us be able to compete week in and week out on a national level. that's what we will keep doing. it has been a lot of fun and we're looking forward to our bowl game coming up.
11:27 am
>> okay, also note worthy here, mcintyre is a semifinalist for the 2011 maxwell football club college football coach of the year award. good luck to him. congratulations to san jose state football. that's good stuff. >> good spartans. >> yeah. in terms of the forecast? >> we expect some rain coming up. not for two more days. you have two days. get it while it's dry. >> thanks. thanks for being with us. look at that nice shot. we will leave you this in san francisco. join us at 5:00, 6:00 and 11:00. bye, you guys. you know how much grandma
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